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Eliet Maestro - Chipper Shredder
The Eliet Maestro ShredderThe cutting mechanism

Eliet Maestro - Chipper Shredder

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The ELIET MAESTRO offers excellent output and efficiency and a seemingly endless capacity. The chopper tackles the green waste from kitchen and garden like a champion. As there is a great variety of waste to be composted, the MAESTRO is perfectly able to play all the trump cards of the unique ELIET Chopping principle. It is beyond imagination what different kinds of waste the machine processes. Due to the special configuration of the knives, not a single piece of green waste escapes. You will gradually have to get used to the fact that the garbage bag for vegetables, fruit and garden waste is no longer needed. The high number of chopping movements produces extremely finely chopped material which is perfect for composting. The collecting bag of the shredder does a clean job, as well, and additionally allows for the easy transport of the chips to the compost container. The contents of one full collecting bag easily fills a wheel barrow. Last but not least - the ELIET MAESTRO is a compact machine which can be transported to the remotest corners of your garden.

Optional Sieve Screen.......


Chipping wood is not a menial task. Here, a lot of power is unleashed inside the machine. A chipper only has a long operating life when no compromises are made in terms of quality and durability of the materials used. All of the ELIET chippers (small and large) are manufactured to the highest degree of craftsmanship. The Maestro is just one example of this. The steel shredding chamber is firmly welded to the tubular frame. The feed hopper of the ELIET MAESTRO has also been manufactured from steel.

The Maestro's feed hopper is a fast route to the blades. The operator will be amazed to find that he cannot feed the machine fast enough. Long openings underneath the feed hopper enable the operator to quickly check the content of the collection bag.

In the interests of the environment, ELIET always try to obtain harmony between the machine and its surroundings. The shredding chamber has a double wall in order to reduce the noise pollution from this chipper. The frame wall sound damping material dampens the drumming effect of the chippings on the wall. This action reduces the noise level by several dB.

The fine chippings that the MAESTRO spits out form the basis for what will later be nutritional compost. These chippings are immediately collected in a large collection bag so that not one single chipping is lost. The contents of one full collection bag (125 litres) is more than enough to fill one wheelbarrow.
The chippings do not always have to be deposited in the compost container. They can also be applied as a fertile mulch layer underneath the plantings at the borders of your garden.

The 'footwear' of the ELIET MAESTRO is pneumatic tyres with a 25 cm diameter, which is extremely beneficial when transporting the machine down the lawn or on an unpaved surface. The load carrying capacity of the tyres is several times greater than the weight of the machine. The machine thus feels comfortable and is extremely stable during chipping. The vibrations from the chopping action are absorbed by the pneumatic tyres.


Engine Briggs & Stratton
Power 5.5 hp
Timber Diameter 40mm
Transmission Direct
Capacity 12 wheelbarrows/hour
Chops / min 36,000
Knives 12 HS Steel (reversible)
Engine Choice B&S Intek
Feed Height 1200 mm
Paint Epoxipolyester
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1380 x 620 x 1220mm
Weight 50kg

Warranty 2 Years

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