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Robomow RS635 Pro X Robot Lawnmower Automatic

Robomow RS635 Pro X Robot Lawnmower Automatic
Robomow RS635 Pro X Robot LawnmowerRobomow RS635 Pro X Robot Lawnmower Automatic - view 2Robomow RS635 Pro X Robot Lawnmower Automatic - view 3Robomow RS635 Pro X Robot Lawnmower Automatic - view 4
Supplied with RoboHome

Robomow RS635 Pro X Robot Lawnmower Automatic

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Our Price:2,799.00 (Inc VAT at 20%)

RRP: 3,199.00 you save 400

Robomow RS635 Pro X Robot Lawnmower This premium robot lawnmower from Robomow is ideal for areas up to 3600m2 This model comes complete with Base Station, this nifty machine is lean, green and very, very mean.

The Robomow RS635 Pro X robot mower leaves the base station at an appointed time and returns there at the end of the run to re-charge ready for the next mow. The smart scheduling will send your robotic mower out at different times during the week to cut your lawn in a random pattern for 80-100 minutes at a time. The mower will then return to its base to recharge for 90-110 minutes before setting off again. Fitted as standard on the RS635 Pro X are wider traction power wheels which provide better grip on more demanding lawns and slopes.

Robomow RS635 Pro X uses a reversible tri-blade which mulches the grass into very fine pieces which virtually disappear into the lawn. The RS635 Pro X is powered by a 26v 6Ah lithium battery which is automatically charged when the mower returns to the base station.

Unlike other robotic mowers the Robomow® RS series has a double blade that will cut beyond the wheels, and a special edge mode where the robot will follow the perimeter wire, to cut the outside edges of the lawn, for clean and tidy borders and a well-manicured finish.

With a child lock as well as lift and tilt sensors for extra safety, the RS635 Pro X is safe around children and pets and is fully controllable using a smartphone app, giving you convenience and complete flexibility with your mowing schedule.

This model comes with a RoboHome – a sheltered base station that will protect your mower from the worst of the weather.

Although simple to install yourself, an tick option above is available to pay for a professional to install your new Robomow for you. ( we will contact you to make arrangements ) For more information on Professional installation... .....click for more information.

Best mowing results
Super sharp blades and extra manoeuvrability for complete coverage and a perfect cut, every time

Unmatched power
Advanced mowing technology, floating deck and solid blades handle high grass and tough conditions with ease

Lightning quick
Extra mowing width (56cm!) for a faster mow. More free time to enjoy the lawn!


Robomow RS635 Pro X Robot Lawnmower

Maximum lawn size capacity: 5000m2 (in ideal conditions)
Guaranteed lawn size capacity: 3600m2 (in normal working conditions)
Installation pack (including 400m of wire, 500 pegs)
Fully automatic smart scheduling
Rain sensor
Anti-theft sensors and pin code
Bumper sensor
Battery type: lithium ion
Battery capacity: 6ah
Power consumption: 34kWh per month
Mowing time on one full charge: 80-100 min
Charging time: 90-110 min
Mowing width: 56cm
Mowing heights: 20-80mm
Slope: 36% (20o)
Sub-zones: 4
Separated zones: 2
Built in carry handle
Power: 400 watt brushless motor
Noise: 66dB in eco mode
Size: 73.5cm x 66cm x 31cm
Weight: 20kg

2 year Robomow® warranty


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